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This technique helps recognize faces and objects in photos posted to Facebook. It helps identify commands spoken into smartphones. And its beginning to reinvent machine translation and natural language understandingnot to mention online hookups. But Tinder is also playing into another enormous online trend: A/B testing and other similar ways of testing Internet content on the Internet itself, with real live users. The result is a far more precise way of getting a swipe right. Smart Photos was the brainchild of Tinder machine learning lead Mike Hall, who proposed the tool at a company hackathon and assembled a team to build a prototype. Tinders in-house research team, including a resident sociologist named Jess Carbino, had already drawn up some general rules for the types of photos that dont work that wellpics where part of your face is covered or youre not smiling or youre wearing a hatbut that didnt account for the subtleties of personal taste. With machine learning, Tinder can reduce the chance that your labradoodle photo turns up on the phone of someone with dog allergies. And with one-armed bandit testing, it can show most people the profile photo that most people find appealing. Deep neural networks can recognize images in photos, and Tinder says it is also using a machine learning system that recognizes patterns in user behavior, both for individuals and groups of like-minded people. Given the scale of Tinders user base and the high level of engagement from Tinder users, the company says, we can start optimizing and personalizing their Tinder experience quickly. It says that people swipe about 1.4 billion times a day.

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For all the talk in Washington about a possible Plan B, U.S. hopes for diplomatic progress appeared to rest squarely on Russia's cooperation. "There are a few ideas we discussed today in this circle of countries that can influence the situation," Lavrov told Russian news agencies. "We agreed to continue contacts in the next few days aiming at agreements that could advance the settlement. We spoke clearly in favor of a quick launch of a political process." Residents of opposition-held eastern Aleppo have faced daily violence as Syrian President Bashar Assad's government seeks to take full control of the country's largest city. On Saturday, Syrian and Russian airstrikes hit several rebel-held neighborhoods amid clashes on the front lines in Syria's largest city and onetime commercial center, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Aleppo Media Center, an activist collective. Also, opposition fighters backed by Turkish airstrikes launched an offensive to try to capture Dabiq from IS, which confers special status to the northern Syrian town in its ideology and propaganda. In another sign that Turkey and Russia have repaired relations since last year's Turkish downing of a Russian plane, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu appeared to endorse Russia's position on the significance of U.S. and Turkish-backed opposition forces separating themselves from al-Qaida-linked militants. Russia has said it wants a cease-fire, but cannot do so while extremists continue to embed themselves with other rebel groups to take advantage of lulls in the fighting.

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